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The world 's top ten stainless steel mills(3)
Sep 11, 2017

Avesta Polarit is a new world-class multinational stainless steel company founded in September 2000 by Avesta-sheffield and Outokumpu, Finland. Now has a stainless steel plate production capacity of about i70 million tons, the plate products accounted for 13% of global market share, sales of more than 3 billion euros.

After the formation of the new company for a number of countries in the subordinate production plant for a series of structural adjustment, and vigorously invest in the construction of new projects, the total investment amount of 660 million euros. Which in Finland's Torno plant to build a new annual output of 800,000 tons of slab caster (slab specifications for the 170mmX 800 ~ 1 650mm), equipped with 800 ℃ high temperature slab grinding machine, 2002 6 months after the production capacity of steel to reach 1 million tons; the other also built an integrated hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless steel production line, the annual handling capacity of 1.1 million tons, can produce cold-rolled stainless steel, but also direct production of heat It is planned to be produced in 2003. In the area of structural adjustment, it is planned to close the smelting and hot rolling production facilities at the Degefos plant in Sweden in 2003, retaining only cold and medium plate production and transferring the size of the plant to the UK Sheffield factory. After such adjustment and expansion, Avasta Polarite's stainless steel production capacity will increase to 3 million tons. Not only can produce austenitic cold-rolled, hot-rolled strip and sheet, but also can supply stainless steel plate, pipe, bar and precision strip, product sales network throughout the world.

The company in the Swiss point and the United Kingdom set up two smelting workshop, the use of electric furnace smelting, AOD or CLU device refining, continuous casting machine casting billet, the company's slab sent to the Swedish Avesta plant modern furnace The rolling mill is hot rolled and returned to the cold rolling mill of each plant. The company has the world's only full-process stainless steel production process in Finland's Torno plant: finished

The above process can be summarized as follows:

① Avesta plant in 1992 to transform the world's first set of cold-rolled, pickling, annealing, leveling, coiling function in one of the continuous production line, the production of cold-rolled stainless steel strip, both for finished products Sales, but also as a rolling standard stainless steel sheet of raw materials.

② Torno's stainless steel production is from the beginning of the mining of chromite, the furnace smelting, refining, continuous casting to the finished product.This is the world's only complete process line; In addition, the new hot-rolled and cold Rolled stainless steel strip production line is integrated.

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