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Basic knowledge of stainless steel stair handrail Making
Aug 30, 2018

1, the production of stainless steel stair handrails need to be based on the actual stair model design, the first choice of material model, model type is generally used in stair handrails this piece of the usual choice of 202 or 304, each type of pipe thickness according to their actual needs. Do the first step of material selection, next we design height.

  Note: Here I am talking about the handrail approach of the column with the ball, in addition to the ARC elbow style, the practice is different with the ball. 2, statistics after the staircase measurement data next is based on these data cutting pipe, including "Up and down column" column height generally around 85 cm, which is a safe height.

  Then on the floor of the stairs to punch, the expansion screws into the tightening, then the pre-cut column installed welding in the expansion screw, with the level of measurement and the ground is vertical beauty. 3, when all the column welded, we began to measure the length between the column and the column and then according to the data cutting surface tube grinding joints and then welding, so that the basic skeleton of the staircase handrail has been completed, and then the average number of stairs will not be divided into a few pieces to mark, ready for paper and pens in accordance with good marks, Measure the height of the surface tube and the ground support column, record down the cutting mill and then punch in the ground into the expansion screw tightening, such as the above welding.

  "Pillars with 4.8 or 5.1 tubes" 4, the pillar after welding began to measure the spacing between each of the supporting column, the amount of a good flat tube after cutting and then split the hole "flat tube general with 3.2 materials" and then in the hole in the flat tube to insert small branch "generally with 1.9 of the thin tube" up and down in the middle part of the column is fixed in a good OK.

  Note: Depending on the hobby and increase the aesthetics, you can add some stainless steel auspicious pattern or font accessories. 5, the final check whether the armrest is solid, waiting for the welding place temperature subsided on its spray on the antirust paint on all completed.

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