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Stainless steel pipe number rules
Jun 26, 2017

① using element symbols

② use, Chinese Pinyin, flat furnace steel: P, boiling steel: F, sedative steel: B, a class steel: A, T8: special 8,

GCr15: Ball

◆ composite steel, spring steel, such as: 20CrMnTi 60SiMn, (with a few points that C content)

◆ stainless steel, alloy tool steel (with thousands of points that C content), such as: 1Cr18Ni9 one thousand (ie

0.1% C), stainless steel C ≤ 0.08% such as 0Cr18Ni9, ultra low carbon C ≤ 0.03% such as 0Cr17Ni13Mo

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