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Stainless steel tube clamping step
Jun 26, 2017

1, broken tube: cut off the required length of the pipe, broken tube, the force can not be too large to prevent the pipe rounded.

2, remove the burr: pipe cut off, the burr should be removed to avoid cutting the seal ring.

3, crossed mark: In order to make the steel pipe completely inserted into the pipe fittings, the length of the insertion must be marked at the pipe end.

4, assembly: the ring should be installed correctly in the U-groove of the pipe, the tube inserted into the pipe fittings, waiting for crimping.

5, crimping: crimping, the tube protruding parts placed in the mold concave groove, jaw and tube axis to maintain vertical.

6, check: crimp is completed, the use of special gauge to check the size of crimping.

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