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Stainless Steel Work Table
Jan 12, 2018

Stainless Steel Work Table

Stainless steel work table is beautiful and sanitary. It is corrosion-resistant, acid-proof, alkali-proof, dust-proof, anti-static and it can prevent bacteria from breeding. It is now most ideal work table for all kinds of industries. It is suitable for inspection, maintenance and assembly of products in various industries; it makes the factory cleaner, production arrangement easier, logistics more smooth. It can meet the needs of continuous improvement of modern production and accord with the principle of man-machine. It makes the field staff operating standard and comfortable. The concept of environment and creativity can be realized rapidly. At the same time, it has the characteristics of portability and solidity. The surface is clean and wear-resistant.



1. Due to its good corrosion resistance, it is environmentally friendly, dust-proof and static-proof. Therefore it can help the structural components keep the integrity of engineering designs.

2. With the stainless steel structure, it mainly uses stainless steel square pass, stainless steel plate, the bottom foot of the work table can be adjusted up and down to adapt to uneven ground. The countertop can be laid anti-static rubber pad to achieve the anti-static effect. Some can be boarded and add the supporting. Then the board and edge can be wrapped; the front exhaust can be adopted and the exhaust plate can be disassembled as a whole. Stainless steel worktable can be fitted with light pipe and achieve the lighting effect.

3. The specification can be customized according to their actual application places.  It can be installed along with locked drawer.

4. In addition to lamp stands, daylight lamp, drawers, the work bench can also be fitted with sockets A4 boards.

5. Simple structure, flexible application, with no limit of component appearance, station space and site size; specification can be customized; drawers are available; its quality can be guaranteed and the usages are wide.



Classification by usages and application cases

1. Anti-static workbench: stainless steel plate coated with green anti-static rubber with conductive wire

2. Clean worktable: used in dust-free workshop, electronic workshop

3. Laboratory workbench: used in laboratory, dust-proof, anti-static

4. Cleaning worktable: the air can be purified and the air flow is divided. The existing super net worktable can be divided into vertical, internal and lateral.

5. Pipeline workbench: suitable for workshop, anti-static workshop.



For good material and reasonable price, it can be applied in industries like electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, aerospace, military, shipping, transportation, architectural decoration, etc.

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