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Standard classification of stainless steel tubes
Jun 26, 2017

4-1 Classification:

① national standard GB ② industry standard YB ③ local standard ④ enterprise standard Q / CB

4-2 Category:

① product standards ② packaging standards ③ method standards ④ basic standards

4-3 standard level (three levels):

Y level: the international advanced level I level: the international level of general level H: the domestic advanced level

4-4 GB

GB1220-84 stainless steel bar (grade I) GB4241-84 stainless steel welding plate (H)

GB4356-84 stainless steel welding plate (Class I) GB1270-80 stainless steel pipe (Class I)

GB12771-91 stainless steel pipe (Y grade) GB3280-84 stainless steel plate (Class I)

GB4237-84 stainless steel hot plate (grade I) GB4239-91 stainless steel cold (I)

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