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The use of seamless steel pipe and the method of removing embroidery (二)
Dec 03, 2018

The use of seamless steel pipe and the method of removing embroidery

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of long steel with hollow cross section and no seam around it.

It is made of ingot or solid tube billet by perforation into a wool tube, which is then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold dialing.


Use of seamless steel pipe:

1. Seamless steel pipe is widely used.


General purpose seamless steel pipe is rolled by ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, the most produced, mainly used as a pipeline or structural part to transport fluids.


2. There are three types of supply depending on the purpose:


A, according to chemical composition and mechanical properties supply;

b, according to the mechanical properties of the supply; C, according to the water pressure test supply.


Steel tubes supplied in categories A and B, if used to withstand liquid pressure, are also subject to hydraulic tests.

3, special purpose of seamless pipe has a boiler seamless pipe, geological seamless steel pipe and oil seamless pipe and so on.


Seamless steel pipe fake identification:

1.Counterfeit seamless steel pipe is easy to scratch, the reason is shoddy seamless steel pipe manufacturers simple equipment, easy to produce burrs, scratching the steel surface. Deep scratches reduce the strength of the steel.

2.Counterfeit seamless steel pipe without metallic luster, pale red or similar to the color of pig iron.

3.Fake seamless steel pipe transverse bar is fine and low, often appear to be dissatisfied with the phenomenon, the reason is that manufacturers in order to achieve large negative tolerances, the first few lines of the finished product under the pressure is large, iron type is small, hole type filling dissatisfaction.

4.The cross section of the shoddy seamless steel pipe is elliptical, because the manufacturer in order to save the material, the finished roller in front of the ER DAO pressure is large, the strength of this seamless steel pipe greatly decreased, and also does not meet the standard of seamless steel pipe dimensions.

5. High-quality seamless steel pipe composition is uniform, cold shearing machine tonnage is high, cutting head end smooth and neat, and shoddy seamless steel pipe because of poor material, cutting head end will often have the phenomenon of falling meat, that is, uneven, and no metal luster.

And because of shoddy manufacturers of products cut their heads less, the head and tail will appear big ear.

6. Fake seamless steel pipe material contains many impurities, the density of steel is small, and the size is serious, so in the absence of vernier caliper, it can be weighed and checked.

In general, the effect of integer proportionality will be better, mainly considering the problem of cumulative error and probability theory.

Seamless steel pipe Anti-embroidery method:

Steel refers to metal materials with iron as the main element, with carbon content generally below 2% and containing other elements.


The difference between it and iron is the content of carbon, it should be said that he is more tough and durable than iron, although not easy to rust, but the danger will be eroded, if once eroded, not timely treatment, it is easy to be eroded, lose the function it should have. When seamless steel pipe rust, what are the usual treatment methods? Some people will use the cleaning method of stainless steel pipe cleaning, cleaning, should first use solvents, emulsions to clean the surface of steel, this method is only as a anti-corrosion auxiliary means, can not really play the role of removing the rust of stainless steel pipe.


We can also use steel brushes, wire balls and other tools before cleaning to remove the surface loose oxide skin, rust removal, but if still do not do a good job of protection, it will be eroded again. Pickling is also one of the ways to remove rust.


General use of chemical and electrolytic methods to do pickling treatment, pipeline anticorrosion only using chemical pickling, this method can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness but easy to pollute the environment, so it is still not recommended to use. The use of spray rust removal, through high-power motor driving jet blades high-speed rotation, so that steel sand, steel pills, wire section, minerals and other abrasives under the action of centrifugal force on the surface of stainless steel pipe injection treatment. Not only can rust, oxides and dirt be completely removed, but also the steel pipe can achieve the required uniform roughness under the action of the abrasive shock and friction force. Spray rust removal is an ideal method of rust removal in pipeline anticorrosion methods.

It uses a lot of physical theory, to the environment pollution is small, and clean thoroughly.


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