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The world 's top ten stainless steel mills(4)
Sep 19, 2017

The world 's top ten stainless steel mills(4)

Azerbaijan Knox Inc. (Acerinox)

Azerbaijan is a Spanish company with only one by one stainless steel production enterprises, subordinate Palmones (Pal-mones) factory, built in 1971, became the main stainless steel production plant in Spain. Since the 1990s, Azerbaijan company on the one hand to speed up the expansion of Palmones plant, annual capacity of 1.17 million tons, and the other-the company to expand abroad, investment in stainless steel production. 1996 joint venture with the United States Armco (Armco) company (each holding 50% shares), in the United States Carrollton (Carrollton) to build a cold-rolled stainless steel strip steel-North American stainless Steel Company (NAS), in 1996, after production, can produce 1524mm width of cold-rolled stainless steel strip. Subsequently, a new set of production width of up to 1524mm hot rolled stainless steel coil rolling mill, the NAS company's production capacity of 1 million tons. In recent years, Azerbaijan has acquired a 64% per cent stake in Columbus, South Africa's Columbus Stainless Steel company. Through a series of expansion and transformation and to the foreign March, Azerbaijan of the company's stainless steel annual output of 2.5 million tons, its size and Avesta Bora Rite company equivalent to the third place in Europe.

The company's production process is as follows:

Palmos factory, Carol Factory, UBC cloth Factory

Azerbaijan company Stainless steel products to the main plate, has 16-60 mmx158 mm thick plate, 2.5~15mmx3000mm plate, 2. $number mmx3000mm Hot rolled sheet and strip, 0.25-6MMXL 524mm Cold rolled sheet and coil, 0.25~1.5mmXl 250mm Bright sheet and with coil. In addition, there are small billet, flat steel, steel pipe and so on.

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