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The world 's top ten stainless steel mills(6)-Yup Lian Steel Co., Ltd.
Sep 29, 2017

Yup Lian Steel Co., Ltd.

Ye Lian Steel Co., Ltd. is the largest stainless steel joint venture in China Taiwan Province, which was put into operation in 1995 and has been introduced and purchased

Advanced equipment and technology, so that its production scale expansion, rapid increase in production capacity. Currently has steel, hot-rolled, cold-rolled stainless steel sheet production process, has formed steel 1 million tons, continuous casting 990,000 tons, hot-rolled 930,000 tons, cold-rolled 360,000 tons of comprehensive ability to become the following Krupp ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel Company, Huzy Company, 阿维斯塔·波拉里特 Company, Azerbaijan Reno Company, POSCO Steel Company After the world's sixth largest stainless steel production enterprises. Ye Lian Steel company's stainless steel products in addition to the supply of Taiwan's region, but also exported to Southeast Asia, China and Europe. The company plans to invest $120 million to build a stainless steel cold-rolled sheet plant with an annual output of 300,000 tonnes in Guangzhou's Huangpu region.

Ye Lian Steel company stainless steel production process is as follows:

The characteristics of the process can be summarized as follows:

① stainless steel smelting using electric furnace →MRP converter →vod three steps.

② in order to meet the increase of slab demand, another 5-flow billet caster is changed into slab, billet and continuous caster, wherein two flows are changed to cast narrow-gauge slab, and the other three flows can be poured into small billet. About 45% billets can be directly sent to hot-rolled heating furnace, hot-rolled stainless steel is the production of a stainless steel.

③ uses the coil mill to produce the stainless steel coil plate, the highest annual output reaches 930,000 tons, surpasses the design ability 300,000 ton above, is the world highest efficiency stainless steel coil mill. In addition to high output, the production of thin specifications (the thinnest up to 2.0mm) Stainless steel production is also large, accounting for about 50%.

④ Cold rolling uses 3 sets of 20 Rolls Sendzimir Mill, one of which has a mill width of 1 550mm.

⑤ pickling heat treatment line capacity is greater, a hot strip processing line of 52,000 tons per month, a cold strip processing line of 25,000 tons per month.

Ye Lian Steel company's stainless steel products are mainly hot-rolled sheet and strip, cold-rolled sheet and strip, bright annealed sheet and tape.

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