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The world 's top ten stainless steel mills(8)-AK Steel Co., Ltd.
Dec 14, 2017

AK Steel is located in Ohio, USA, is a joint venture between the United States and the Japanese company Kawasaki Iron and Steel Co. Eminem is a U.S. Steel company, 10 years ago bullish on stainless steel production, the company first of carbon steel production into the joint venture, and then become an independent company AK Steel Company. Eminem Company in Pennsylvania's butler plant and in Ohio's Mansfield plant mainly produces stainless steel sheet and electrical steel plate, in the Ohio Coshocton plant and Nesvil factory production finishing products. After acquiring the smelting and slab casting capability of the company, the continuous pickling and annealing/pickling line of the Rockport plant of the AK Steel Company has a stable source of stainless steel slab. In particular, the plant halted the production of hot-rolled carbon steel in 1998, and turned to the production of high value-added carbon steel and stainless steel strips, and invested 1 billion of dollars in finishing facilities, enabling the company to compete effectively globally.

AK Steel Company in the butler plant (900,000 tons/year) and Mansfield plant (132,000 tons/year cold-rolled material) Stainless steel production process as follows:

Butler Factory

Mansfield Factory

The main stainless steel products of the AK Steel company have hot rolled rolls and rolls, cold-rolled sheets and rolls.

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