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304 # Stainless Steel Air Conditioning Bracket Is Becoming The Market Preferred
Aug 30, 2017

In the daily use of stainless steel air conditioning stent is divided into two categories - namely, stainless steel SUS201 # material (hereinafter referred to as 201) and stainless steel SUS304 # material (hereinafter referred to as 304). Which 201 air-conditioning stent main cost-effective but relatively weak corrosion resistance, and 304 air-conditioning stent relative price slightly higher but excellent corrosion resistance, with the use of customers in recent years, the popularity of air-conditioning stent use and understanding, 304 air-conditioning bracket has become the majority The user's purchase preferred!

The following let us Wuxi Jianghehai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and everyone to understand: why 304 air conditioning bracket more and more popular air conditioning installation of choice.

First, 304 air-conditioning bracket corrosion resistance is very good. In the usual air conditioning installation master actual use contrast, the best experience of the 304 bracket is significantly better than the 201 bracket. And we through the scientific element analysis 304 can be found that its nickel content of more than 8% and chromium content of more than 18%, it is these two important metal elements determine the 304 corrosion resistance of the reasons for the excellent, and these two The content of elements is also an important distinction between 304 and 201 materials, an important standard and basis, the state also has a clear distinction between 304 and 201 materials. In the daily use of 201 if the improper maintenance or use of the environment is not good or more or the province of rust occurs, but 304 because of excellent corrosion resistance, so the occurrence of rust will be much less.


Followed by 304 air-conditioning stent in recent years, another popular reason, due to steel technology in recent years to enhance the 304 raw material prices continue to decline. Relatively speaking, the price of 304 materials and the price of 201 materials a few years ago, the price difference is not, and 304 anti-corrosion performance is very good, naturally we prefer to spend affordable 304 air conditioning bracket.


Finally, there is a reason why people do not know much about today and you are brief about. Now the stainless steel industry 201 market quality and price is relatively confusing, the market is some of the poor quality of the back charge (also known as the frequency charge), impurities, poor corrosion resistance. But the production of 304 raw material threshold is higher, basically only by the formal large steel mills to produce, so the quality can be more protection.