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Jianghehai Stainless Steel Manufacturer Profile 2017 Stainless Steel Tube Company Next Development
Aug 25, 2017

Jianghehai Stainless Steel in Jiangsu province the next 2017 years the development of stainless steel company, with the rapid growth of the national economy, urban housing, public buildings and tourism facilities to build a large number of hot water supply and living water supply put forward new requirements. Especially the water quality problem, people pay more and more attention, the request also unceasingly enhances. It is reported that galvanized steel pipe this commonly used pipe because of its easy to corrode, under the influence of the relevant national policies, will slowly withdraw from the historical stage, stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe and composite tube gradually become pipe system common pipe.

Among them, the stainless steel pipe safety and reliability, health and environmental protection, economic application, thin-walled pipeline and simple and convenient connection with the development of new technologies, so that it has other advantages of the pipe can not be replaced, home improvement and engineering applications will be more and more, the use of the 2017 stainless steel pipe industry prospects

It is understood that the domestic production in the late 1990s, the use of stainless steel pipe, is the current pipe field of budding new family, has been widely used in building water supply and straight water pipeline. Stainless steel tube Durability, has been recognized by the engineering sector. The Ministry of Construction and related departments also attaches great importance to this new type of pipe, according to the China Technology Market Management Promotion Center documents show that the application of stainless steel pipe to improve the level of modern architecture, improve and ensure water quality is of great significance. So, 2017 stainless steel tube industry has what development positive trend?

Large demand for construction water supply pipeline

According to Jiangsu Jianghehai reported that the "XV" period of China's housing decoration production value of 20% per annum increasing speed. In the next 10 years, at least the completed residential area of 200 million square meters each year, there are decoration needs of the housing up to more than 90 million sets. The annual demand for tubing is $number million km, where the demand for hot and cold water pipes in residential buildings is 600,000 km. Some experts believe that the development of stainless steel pipe, to improve the quality of modern urban construction significance, stainless steel pipe will be a great use. Therefore, the 2017 stainless steel pipe industry has a huge space for development.

1, the pipeline straight water development rapid

With the development of the national economy, the pipeline straight water in the domestic Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing and other cities to develop rapidly, the economically developed medium-sized cities are also active planning straight up. In straight drinking water, stainless steel tube is undoubtedly the leading. At present, the domestic high-grade hotels, public places have been configured or in the configuration of direct drinking water pipeline.

2. The future of domestic substitution import is broad

Jiangsu Jianghehai that in order to promote the stainless steel pipe, China from the the 1990s since the reduction of wall thickness, reduce costs, to solve the "high-diameter wall ratio precision" of thin-walled stainless steel pipe technical problems, so that stainless steel pipe has been widely used and developed rapidly. One kind of pipeline must be able to popularize fully, cannot be localized. At present, a part of the domestic manufacturers have the production and further development of thin-walled stainless steel pipe and pipe capacity,

3, is the domestic stainless steel pipe production field leader.

Stainless Steel pipe Connection technical innovation, installation costs fall significantly

The difficulty of installation, high installation cost, long time, has been a stumbling block for the popularization and application of stainless steel pipe. 2017, however, will usher in a year of ice-breaker solutions to this conundrum. Because of technological innovation, the installation of stainless steel pipe difficulty and cost are greatly reduced, no need to cut pipe, remove Burr, draw line, card pressure and other installation steps. You can complete the installation with one Plug and no installation tool. This new technology or stainless steel pipe into the home improvement market turning point.