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Jiangsu Petrochemical Equipment Upgrade Hope For Intelligent Manufacturing
Aug 16, 2017

"Petrochemical industry, the downward pressure on the economy, petrochemical equipment enterprises must find ways to make a feature.Through the implementation of intelligent manufacturing planning, upgrading of manufacturing equipment, enhance enterprise Internet, optimize the intelligent manufacturing and development environment, improve the industry and business Intelligent manufacturing level, which is to achieve the inevitable upgrade petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry. "In October 22th in Jiangsu Jingjiang closing 2016 Jiangsu Province, petrochemical equipment industry association annual meeting, intelligent manufacturing was high hopes.

Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of China's manufacturing 2025. At the annual meeting, industry experts invariably raise the level of intelligent manufacturing as the key to the upgrading of Jiangsu Petrochemical equipment industry.

China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association, said Sun Tengliang: "petrochemical equipment industry to focus on petrochemical and chemical industry," thirteen five "development plan proposed oil refining, natural gas, oil and gas pipeline network construction, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, chemical new materials, Energy-saving emission reduction of these key industries to make up short board and do excellent increments, which do excellent increments of these industries will improve the level of intelligent manufacturing equipment, a fundamental solution to the problem at the same time by improving the level of intelligence efforts to break through high-end petrochemical products Complete sets of key technology. "

"This year, Jiangsu Province, the letter will create a smart manufacturing demonstration area as a priority work by 2020 the province's two fusion index reached 100, manufacturing quality competitiveness index reached 88, to build 1000 intelligent workshop." Jiangsu Provincial petrochemical equipment industry association president Yang Huizhang said. "Petrochemical equipment enterprises on the one hand to optimize the allocation of assets, capital, technology and other resources, to seek reorganization of assets or mergers and acquisitions opportunities to create conditions for listing; the other hand, we must adhere to scientific and technological innovation strategy, equipment manufacturing industry to smart manufacturing, Products to expand overseas markets. "Yang Huizhang suggested.

In order to improve the petrochemical equipment industry, the level of intelligent manufacturing, Jiangsu Province has taken a number of initiatives. According to the province by the letter of the equipment industry director Shen Gaoqing introduction, Jiangsu Province is now doing "enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrade plan" and "enterprise Internet upgrade plan" two plans to focus on creating a model intelligent workshop. In addition, they also developed a number of intelligent manufacturing cooperation framework, such as the Ministry, the provincial cooperation signed "on the common promotion of intelligent manufacturing innovation and development of strategic cooperation agreement", the provincial government and the German industry 4.0 competent international cooperation, these plans Implementation will improve the level of intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Shen Gaoqing also pointed out that the future of Jiangsu to promote intelligent manufacturing focus on four areas: First, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing planning, the second is to promote enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrades, the third is to enhance the Internet business, four is to optimize the intelligent manufacturing development environment.

It is understood that Jiangsu Province has been in the equipment manufacturing process using intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises have Kunshan Huaheng, welding research ICP, vision, and so on. Dajing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Jian said that Jianghehai in order to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, respectively, from Japan, Germany, Italy, South Korea and other countries and Taiwan to introduce a number of high-precision, large-scale, multi-functional composite processing equipment, China's equipment manufacturing industry to provide high-end deep processing services.