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Manufacturing Calls For Advances In Materials And Processing Technology
Aug 16, 2017

"China is already a big country, but some distance from the manufacturing power, for example, in the advanced cutting-edge materials, aerospace, energy and medical fields such as material strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature requirements are very high , The processing accuracy requirements are also high, this aspect we and the international level there is still a gap.How to catch up, this is a very noteworthy question. "In December 10th held in Jiangsu Jingjiang" advanced materials applications and processing technology Seminar ", the International Association of nickel China General Manager Song Quanming sermon. And many of the participants from the manufacturing enterprises, like him, hope that through this seminar can be inspired and harvested.

Advanced materials are the basis of advanced equipment support

Competitive equipment products can not be separated from the performance of excellent materials, China Chemical Energy Technology Association, Fang Xiaohua, the petrochemical industry as a equipment industry, has been on the equipment of materials, equipment structure are very concerned about its technological progress and This is closely related. Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Assistant Zhang Xiaolong also believes that pressure vessels and pressure equipment, for example, its manufacturing requirements are getting higher and higher, first of all put forward higher requirements on the material. As the current domestic single refinery project to reach 20 million tons, which some of the key equipment, you need to be able to meet the ultra-low temperature, severe corrosion, high temperature and other conditions.

Bao Hong Group Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Research Institute chief researcher Zhang Hanqian in the report details of the Baosteel pressure vessel steel development and engineering applications, such as large-scale crude oil storage tank with high heat-resistant high-strength steel plate, 50 ℃ low welding crack sensitivity 610MPa grade high strength steel plate development, Baosteel is also the first domestic completion of 5mm thick ultra-wide (3500mm above) 9Ni plate development of mass production.

TISCO Technology Center Director Li Jianmin introduction, TISCO product development In addition to resource-saving stainless steel varieties such as duplex stainless steel and composite materials, but also pay great attention to functional and high-performance stainless steel varieties of research and development, developed a variety of resistance More severe corrosion, resistance to higher temperature and petroleum, chemical and other special areas with stainless steel materials, such as tank containers with high strength PTG316L, low temperature pressure vessel with 304N, high corrosion resistant super austenitic stainless steel, high grade stainless steel welding and so on.

In recent years, the iron and steel industry to eliminate backward production capacity, industry mergers and acquisitions progress faster, industrial structure is optimized, resource utilization efficiency is also significantly improved, these are large iron and steel enterprises focus on R & D innovation provides a good condition, steel product quality and high-end products The supply capacity is also significantly improved.

Advanced supporting processing technology for manufacturing enterprises worry

As one of the organizers of this seminar, JiangHeHai from the steel materials sales and simple processing, to parts, semi-finished products, deep-processing one-stop service model to the delegates left a deep impression.

Dazhong Heavy Industry Assistant Manager Luo Zhihui to reporters on the JiangHeHai service model of the three prominent advantages: First, JiangHeHai processing a wide range of products can be integrated with a number of customer demand for product design and intensive processing, so that the utilization of materials greatly Second, through the introduction of the world-class advanced processing equipment, coupled with JiangHeHai in the steel processing experience accumulated, and improve the quality assurance system, can guarantee the quality of products comparable to Europe and the United States developed countries; third , JiangHeHai as a public processing platform, the face of many industries, many customers, many products, and thus the comprehensive utilization of various types of equipment is also very high, improve the efficiency of processing virtually for customers to save costs. In addition, JiangHeHai also has a multi-process continuous processing, fast logistics and other advantages for the sake of customers can be described as exhaustive.

Iron and steel industry on the one hand to the low-end excess capacity, transformation and upgrading, on the other hand quality products and processing services and has a broad market space, how to dock the market, in materials and processing technology, "quality and efficiency" should be the only way The