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Stainless Steel Coating Can Play A Protective Role
Jun 26, 2017

For the steel surface and repair paint can be more closely attached to the adhesion, in the repair before, to remove the kar and paint in the corrosion products. If the patch is not covered, the adhesion of the clothing area will disappear, even after the repair will be in the same area within the corrosion, so no matter how bad the surface of the stainless steel corrosion , Should be carefully cleared. In order to make the repair area filled with the coating after the coating and the old coating area is relatively large, it should be noted that the repair area is preferably a conical mouth, and surrounded by a feather side shop spread, this will not only increase the new Coating and the old coating of the dry force, conducive to repair, but also to give the stainless steel tube was repaired surface better appearance.

In many stainless steel sheet processing plants, in order to prevent electrochemical corrosion, stainless steel plate in the provision of hanger, pipe frame to use rubber or plastic cushion is stainless steel plate and other materials Insulation; joint welding, in order to prevent local corrosion or reduced strength, to Hankou grinding and washing.

In order to prevent the construction of scratches and contaminants attached, the film under the state of stainless steel construction. But with the extension of time, the residue of the paste in accordance with the film use period, after the removal of the film should be carried out after the surface washing, and the use of special stainless steel tools, and general steel cleaning utility, in order to prevent iron sticks should be cleaned The

Should be careful not to have a strong corrosive nature of the magnetic and stone cleaning drugs exposed to stainless steel surface, if the contact should be immediately washed. After the construction of the end of the application of neutral detergent and water to wash the surface attached to the cement, fly ash and so on.

General stainless steel plate can be welded with argon arc welding or arc welding two, argon arc welding with argon for protection, simple operation, good welding quality. Arc welding, should use the same type of stainless steel electrode, stainless steel electrode welding current recommended by the manufacturer of current, but also by the supply and demand sides consultation. After welding, the weld is preferably polished so that the surface quality of all pipelines is the same. If the conditions are limited, surface passivation can also be carried out to enhance the corrosion resistance at the weld. The most basic requirement for high-quality engineering piping is pipe flush.