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Stainless Steel Plate Welding Need To Pay Attention To Some Of The Problems
Jun 26, 2017

In the stainless steel plate, 304 stainless steel pipe is a relatively common type of stainless steel, many of the processing plants, 304 stainless steel pipe in the processing process may appear edge cracks, scarring, inclusions and scarring and other surface defects, these defects Generally due to the subcutaneous arc of the outer arc of the arc appeared in the transverse crack, the mold has a small impurity mixed into the finishing did not clean up the surface of the stainless steel pipe oxidation slag, and in the rolling process due to the rough edges and corners to the stainless steel tube surface Rollover caused by.

These defects not only reduce the surface quality of stainless steel pipe, for the improvement of product quality also had an impact, so do a good job in the prevention and timely treatment of 304 stainless steel pipe surface defects is very important.

The slab surface is deeply scratched because the local section of the fan does not rotate caused by the rotation, in order to prevent this from happening, to timely maintenance of the fan section, is strictly prohibited equipment over service. If the mold is mixed with small impurities will cause changes in water quality, so the water samples on the regular inspection of the mold. It is the best method to reduce the width of the steel sheet when the rolled steel sheet is reduced, that is to say, it is possible to produce a large width with a wide-face slab as much as possible, and to reduce the unevenness of the crack of the weakened stainless steel plate and the uneven deformation of the edge of the wide steel sheet Steel plate.

The corner temperature of the slab is prevented from entering the brittle zone during the bending process. Therefore, the corner temperature of the slabs with different widths is controlled dynamically, and the water distribution zone control of the bending section is carried out. It is necessary to reduce the difference of deformation resistance between the upper and lower surfaces of the rolling mill, and to optimize the process of slab heating and reduce the temperature difference between the upper and lower slab. To prevent the occurrence of local deep burn marks and clean up the clean billet after the surface roughing and other secondary defects, to improve the 304 stainless steel pipe slag finishing capacity to achieve