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Stainless Steel Precision Steel Strip
Aug 17, 2018

The main manufacturers of China's stainless steel (piece): Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Precision Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Ningbo billion Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yong-jin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Shandong dry Yuan Stainless Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Wuxi Watson Precision Materials Co. To produce 300 series and 400 series of stainless steel, according to market demand, but also the production of other series of steel. Including:

Austenitic steel 300 series of various steel grades are: 301, 302, 304, 304L, 309S, 321, 316, 316L, 317, 310S, 347 and so on.

Ferritic Steel 400 series of steel grades are: 405 (00CR13), 409L (03cr12ti), 430 (1CR17), 446 (00cr27mo), 447 (00CR30MO2) and so on.

Martensitic Steel 400 series of various steel grades: 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3cr13, 4cr13, 7cr13 and so on.

Austenitic + Ferrite Duplex steel grades are: 12cr25ni5ti, 06cr23ni4n, 03cr23ni6mo3n, 0cr26ni6mo3cu2n and so on.

Precipitation hardening series of steel grades are: 0cr17ni7al, 0cr15ni7mo3al, 1cr17ni5mo3n, 0cr18ni8mo2al and so on.

Main product Specification: The thickness is 0.01~1.5mm, the width is 3~750mm precision strip (piece).

Main products Surface Categories: BA, 2B, 2D, tr and other surface, but also in accordance with user requirements to produce different surface roughness products.

The edge state is divided into three edge states of trimming (EC), Non cutting Edge (EM), trimming (ED). The delivery status is divided into two kinds: heat treatment state and cold hardening state.

The cold hardening state can be divided into half cold hardening State (H1/2), High cold hardening State (H3/4), total cold hardening State (H), Special cold hardening State (H2), and extremely high cold hardening State (SEH) in the degree of hardening. Domestic enterprises produced more than 0.1mm of fine product quality can be comparable with the international advanced level, technical quality is located in the upper reaches of the world level.

But the very thin band below 0.1mm still has a certain gap with Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Because of its high strength and corrosion resistance, the fine belt antioxidant, processing, abrasion and the appearance of exquisite decorative, has been widely used in industrial, civil and other national economic departments, and with the progress of science and technology, the development of national economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the application of the field is still expanding and extending, has been all over the aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, textile, electronics, home appliances, computers and precision machining, such as the backbone of the development of the industry, the demand for products is also growing rapidly.

The main application industries are:

1 High-end industries include: aerospace, petrochemical, IT industry, medical equipment, instrumentation;

2 Mid-end industry: electronic information, household appliances, kitchen and table utensils, building decoration, hardware products industry;

3 various application fields have special requirements for thickness and steel grades. China's fine belt into the electronic information industry accounted for 33.2% of precision strip, household appliances industry accounted for 14.3%, hardware products industry accounted for 11.4%, machinery and equipment accounted for 11.1%, the first four industries accounted for more than 69.9% of the total consumption.