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The Main Reason Why Stainless Steel Decorations Will Not Rust
Jun 26, 2017

1. Defects in stainless steel: heavy skin, inclusions, trachoma, etc., the impurities within these defects through the water oxidation reaction and infiltration of stainless steel surface to form rust;

2. Stainless steel surface contact with the rusty liquid will also form rust;

3. Stainless steel surface contact with SO2, H2S, NO2, CO2, CL + gas or solution will be rust.

Decorative stainless steel rust, in addition to its own defects, and its environment, such as air humidity, air temperature, flow velocity, flow direction, the air contains impurities in the composition and quantity of a great relationship.

General decorative stainless steel products are stainless steel decorative tube, stainless steel bright bar, stainless steel bright wire, stainless steel hexagonal bar, etc.