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TP304 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Marine Engineering 316L Stainless Steel Tube Alert Will Skyrocket Next Week.
Aug 29, 2017

TP304 Stainless steel Seamless pipe marine engineering 316L Stainless steel tube alert will skyrocket next week.

In the studio of "CCTV Financial Review", Li, director of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, first said that the reasonable return of steel price has its inevitability.

At present we not only look at the absolute quantity, also depends on its relative quantity, now the steel price index is only 108 points, now how many industrial prices are only 8% higher than 94, the first one, although it is said that steel prices have rebounded relatively quickly, but the first half of the steel business profit margin is only 3.04%, far lower than the overall industrial product 6% of the sales profit margin, the third even in this case, we still have 20% of the enterprises in the loss, while the steel industry as a capital-intensive industry, If there is no reasonable profit how it can be better development, so that the reasonable return of steel prices have its inevitability.

Iron ore has risen 52% since June, is there a hype?

Li, dean of the Institute of Metallurgical Planning, said the return of steel prices was reasonable and there was no reason why iron ore prices had risen. The first iron ore demand oversupply, the second large amount of scrap steel production and reduce the demand for iron ore, third, our port inventory tall 140 million, the fourth currently has a new iron ore production capacity, but also the cost of iron ores to the domestic less than 30 U.S. dollars, iron ore prices from 50 U.S. dollars to today's more than 70 dollars is no reason. There must be hype.

In addition, the current price of rebar too fast growth, futures must play a certain hype phenomenon, this is not supposed. About rebar price rise also has a reasonable factor, the first rebar mainly used in construction, from the first half of this year, our real estate investment, infrastructure investment, in particular, infrastructure investment growth of more than 20%, this is the market pull, the second we eliminate lag behind especially the steel enterprises, precisely affect the supply of the thread steel, the demand in the growth, we are in the steel reduced a part of the supply, so that the reasonable return of rebar, has its rationality, But this hype, whether it is futures speculation or other aspects of speculation is our opposition.

How to see q345c seamless steel tube and q345d seamless steel pipe supply and demand relationship?

CCTV financial commentator Appraiser said that the reason to go to capacity is because we have too much capacity, compression capacity is due to match our needs, we go to capacity has even exceeded the expected target of the task, we should be more and more reasonable demand for more and more close, we produce more and more supply and demand more healthy, stable development state, enterprises can also have a certain amount of profit can form hematopoiesis ability, solve its original debt rate, this is very good thing, I think we should all look at the problem from this perspective.