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316 stainless steel flat bar

  • 316L Stainless Steel Rod

    316L Stainless Steel RodAISI 316L Stainless Steel 8mm Rod with Polished Surface 316L stainless steel bar is element Mo added, corrosion resistant. The pitting corrosion resistance is especially excellent. Characteristics 1. Essentials Add Mo(2~3%), excellent pitting corrosion resistance; excellent creep strength at...Read More

  • 904L Stainless Steel Pipe

    904L Stainless Steel PipeHigh Temperature Thin Wall Seamless 904L Stainless Steel Pipe 904L stainless steel pipe(00Cr20Ni25Mo4.5Cu) is a kind of austenitic stainless steel with better corrosion resistance. With the adding of 1.5% Cu, it also has excellent corrosion resistance for reductive acids such as sulfuric acid...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Coil 316

    Stainless Steel Coil 316By adding Mo element to 316 stainless steel, the corrosion resistance and strength in high temperature has greatly improved. It can resist high temperature from 1200℃ to 1300℃ and it is also can be used under very tough conditions. Application area: Pipe making, medical equipment, food industry,...Read More

  • T304 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

    T304 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe304 stainless steel is widely used as a kind of chromium - nickel stainless steel. As a widely used steel,its characteristic is corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, high strength in low temperature, easy to process on punching, bending and other thermal processing, non hardening heat...Read More

  • 201,304,316l,430 Stainless Steel Strip Thickness 0.5mm Width 10mm To 50mm,2b Finish

    201,304,316l,430 Stainless Steel Strip Thickness 0.5mm Width 10mm To 50mm,2b Finish201,304,316L,430 stainless steel strip is a kind of stainless steel coil, some people may call it baby coil. The price is usually higher than coil. Generally, it is widely used in precision electronic stamping, decorating,Machinery and parts manufacturing,etc. We have large stock of material 201,304,316L,430.Read More

  • 309S Stainless Steel Plate

    309S Stainless Steel PlateNon-magnetic 2B finish aisi 309S stainless steel sheet 309S stainless steel--S30908(America AISI, ASTM) 309S. The steel plant produces 309S stainless steel. It has good corrosion performance and high temperature performance. It can stand the high temperature of 980 °C. It is mainly used in...Read More

  • 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Stainless Steel Tube Diameter Inside Seamless Outside Capillary Outer Inner Id Mm Od

    1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Stainless Steel Tube Diameter Inside Seamless Outside Capillary Outer Inner Id Mm OdNotice: The Price of Stainless Steel tube diameter is Not Correct (Different countries, different shipping cost), do not direct to pay the order, do not direct to give the money, if you want to buy the Stainless Steel tube 2mm, please contact me, send message to me. I will tell you the...Read More

  • 201 Stainless Steel Black/polished Round Bar/rod

    201 Stainless Steel Black/polished Round Bar/rodThe characteristic of 201 stainless steel is acid-resisting, alkali-resistance, high density, no bubbles by polishing, no pinhole and etc., It is high-quality material in the production of various straps and covers. Application area: Medical equipment, kitchenware,tableware,knife and other...Read More

  • 202 Stainless Steel Strip

    202 Stainless Steel StripPolish Hairline Manufacture 202 Stainless Steel Strip with Cold Rolled Processing 202 stainless steel is a kind of low nickel high manganese stainless steel in 200 series stainless steel. The nickel content is below 4% and the manganese content is around 8%. It is a kind of nickel saving...Read More

  • 316 Stainless Steel Strip

    316 Stainless Steel StripCompetitive Price 316 stainless steel strip For Themal Insolation Projects Chemical Composition C :≤0.08 Si:≤1.00 Mn:≤2.00 S :≤0.030 P :≤0.035 Cr:16.00~18.50 Ni:10.00~14.00 Mo:2.00~3.00 Performance Yield Strength(N/mm2)≥205 Tensile Strength ≥520 Elongation Rate(%)≥40 Hardness HB ≤187 HRB≤90 HV...Read More