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309S Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Pipe

309S Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Pipe

Characteristics With the low content of carbon(Max 0.020%) in 904L, there will be no precipitation in common heat treatment and welding. This eliminates the risk of inter-granular corrosion that occurs after general heat treatment and welding. Because the carbon content of 904L is very low (Max...

Weight Calculation 

Weight(kg)=Length(m)*Width(m)*Thickness(mm)*Density Value 

Specific Gravity of Stainless Steel: 

Chromium Stainless Steel 7.75 tons/M3 

Chromium Nickel Stainless Steel 7.93 tons / M3 

Iron 7.87 tons/M3

Theoretical Weight Calculation Formula for Stainless Steel Plate

Theoretical Weight: length(mm) * width (mm)* thickness (mm) * density = weight(kg)


Stainless steel pipe can be made according to the customers requirements.

Quality assured,  Price competitive, Trade Assurance and Deliery fast.


1)Petroleum,Chemical enterprise, superheater of boiler,heat exchanger

2)High temperature resistant transmission fluid pipe in power station

3)Ship with pressure pipe

4)The exhaust purification devices

5)Home appliance, electrical components,decorate pipe

6)Precision instrument manufacture


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