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304 Stainless Steel 2b Finish

304 Stainless Steel 2b Finish

4x8 stainless steel sheet is widely used as a kind of chromium - nickel stainless steel. As a widely used steel,its characteristic is corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, high strength in low temperature, easy to process on punching, bending and other thermal processing, non hardening...

   Stainless steel plates are used in a wide range of applications, from everyday life to large machinery factories and even aerospace. It can be said that it is difficult to leave stainless steel in our daily life. We deal with stainless steel almost every day.
    Among the many stainless steel materials, among which 304 steel is more common, it can also be applied to many industries, and the characteristics of ordinary steel, 304 are also available. And compared to other just now, 304 is cheap, simple to make, and fast to process, saving time and increasing efficiency for the factory.

Chemical composition(WT%)

(C) :≤0.08

(Si) :≤1.00

(Mn) :≤2.00

(Cr) :18.0 to 20.0

(P) :≤0.060

(S) :≤0.030

(Ni) : 8 to 10.5%


Decorative Interior, Architectural, Exterior, Bathroom etc.  

Elevator cabin, handrail,hotel, background wall, ceiling, kitchen equipment  
Specially for bar,club,KTV,hotel,bath center,villa,shopping mall.


1.easy to install 

2.can add color light, so it will improve the performance

3.excellent transparency, refractivity and hardness pollution or radiation to the environment


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