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304L Cold Drawn Spiral Steel Pipe

304L Cold Drawn Spiral Steel Pipe

Chemical composition(WT%) (C) :≤0.03 (Si) :≤1.00 (Mn) :≤2.00 (Cr) :18.0 to 20.0 (P) :≤0.035 (S) :≤0.030 (Ni) : 8.0 to 12.0 Characteristi cs: 304 / 304L stainless steel pipe is a strong, tough metal with high corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and the ability to be sterlized. It...


Cold drawn steel pipe Tempering: refers to the heat treatment process after the steel is hardened and then heated to a temperature below Ac1, Ziyang cold drawn tube, kept for a certain time, and then cooled to room temperature. Common tempering processes are: low temperature tempering, medium temperature tempering, large diameter thin wall cold drawn tube, high temperature tempering and multiple tempering. The purpose of tempering: mainly to eliminate the stress generated by the steel during quenching, so that the steel has high hardness and wear resistance, and has the required plasticity and toughness.

Chemical composition(WT%)
(C) :≤0.03
(Si) :≤1.00

(Mn) :≤2.00

(Cr) :18.0 to 20.0

(P) :≤0.035
(S) :≤0.030

(Ni) : 8.0 to 12.0


The outstanding feature of the 304L is its durability and long service life. More reliable, the water flowing through the steel pipe does not collect harmful components, so even food processing can be used with confidence. As long as you clean it regularly, this steel can be used for many years and the maintenance costs are extremely low.


304 / 304L seamless tubes are used to move liquids or gases in the food processing, diary, petrochemical, chemical, and water treatment industries. Welded 304 tubes are used for handrails, columns and poles in marine and outdoor applications.

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