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304L Hot-rolled Straight Welded Pipe

304L Hot-rolled Straight Welded Pipe

Thin-wall stainless steel pipe: Mainly used in direct drinking water projects, other requirements of higher fluid transport. Main features: long service life, low failure rate; Water Leakage rate; water transport, water not to precipitate harmful objects; the inner wall of the tube does not bear...

Stainless steel is a production material that is not easy to rust and has excellent acid resistance and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel capillaries or tubes are produced using advanced welding processes: they are pulled out of the process.

Chemical composition(WT%)

(C) :≤0.03

(Si) :≤1.00

(Mn) :≤2.00

(Cr) :18.0 to 20.0

(P) :≤0.035

(S) :≤0.030

(Ni) : 8.0 to 12.0


Structure, Low pressure fluid transmission(water pipes), Machine manufacture, Architecture industry, The metallurgical industry, The furniture, As well as the steel domain and so on.

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