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316L Cold Drawn Black Steel Pipe

316L Cold Drawn Black Steel Pipe

Chemical composition(WT%) (C) :≤0.03 (Si) :≤1.00 (Mn) :≤2.00 (Cr) :16.0 to 18.0 (P) :≤0.035 (S) :≤0.030 (Ni) : 12.0 to 15.0 (Mo): 2.0 to 3.0 Application: Stainless steel pipe is widely used in following fields: 1.Petroleum,chemical enterprise,superheater fo boiler,heat exchanger. 2.High...


The stainless steel 316L tube is certified to be straight and the carbon content must be at the highest level of 0.03% in order to be double certified. It can be used for pressure applications and welding and for structural applications such as handrails, machine supports for machine tools and construction supports. It contains more molybdenum and nickel than 304 stainless steel to improve the corrosion resistance of metals. Stainless steel 316L welded tubes are used for structural applications. In addition, it is mainly used for seamless pipes operating under pressure in highly corrosive environments, such as acid treatment and waste treatment equipment and brine marine applications.

Chemical composition(WT%)

(C) :≤0.03

(Si) :≤1.00

(Mn) :≤2.00

(Cr) :16.0 to 18.0

(P) :≤0.035

(S) :≤0.030

(Ni) : 12.0 to 15.0

(Mo): 2.0 to 3.0


Due to the above characteristics, 316L stainless steel pipes are widely used in the following fields:
1. High-temperature or chemically complex sites and fields such as oil and nuclear power plants.
2.316L has a smooth surface and clear gloss, so it is suitable for any decorative industry.
3. It has excellent resistance to chlorination and is suitable for marine industry.
4. Any relevant field, as long as you can think of it, can be used.

Surface:Annealing,polishing,mirror finished,pickling and etc.

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