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Food Grade Stainless Steel Pipe

Food Grade Stainless Steel Pipe

The characteristic of 201 stainless steel is acid-resisting, alkali-resistance, high density, no bubbles by polishing, no pinhole and etc., It is high-quality material in the production of various straps and covers. Application area: Decorate use, industrial use, traffic vehicle,stair...


Seamless stainless steel pipe, also called stainless steel seamless pipe, is made of steel ingot or solid pipe blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. The specifications of the seamless steel pipe are expressed by the outer diameter * wall thickness in millimeters. The mechanism of stainless steel rust prevention is that the alloying elements form a dense oxide film, which is in contact with oxygen to prevent further oxidation. So stainless steel is not "stainless".

Chloride ions are widely present, such as salt, sweat, sea water, sea breeze, soil, and so on. Stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions, corrosion is very fast, even more than ordinary low carbon steel. Therefore, there is a requirement for the use environment of stainless steel, and it is necessary to wipe frequently to remove dust and keep it clean and dry.

Chemical composition(WT%)

(C) :≤0.15

(Si) :≤0.75

(Mn) :5.5 to 7.50

(Cr) :16.0 to 18.0

(N) :≤0.25

(P) :≤0.060

(S) :≤0.030

(Ni) : 0.8 to 1.2%

(Cu) : Half 0.8%  ,High 1.5%


General Service Industries
Fluid, gas and oil transport
Pressure and Heat Transmission 


1. Always use cleansers or water 1 to clean used stainless steel products to keep them clean. Any kitchen cleaning product can be used to clean stainless steel without damaging the stainless steel.

2. Always pay attention to stainless steel products. If you notice a color change, you should do more cleaning work.

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